12 December 2013

Knitting and Science: Molecules!

I thought it was time to take another look at geeky knitting, this time moving away from organisms and more towards molecular biology.

Chromosome hat, Ravelry project,  pattern

I think this hat would be awesome with the chromosomes knit in different colors to mimic the look of chromosome painting (fluorescent in situ hybridization). Ideally, the hat would be black, the chromosomes in blue (DAPI staining), and small dots of green/red/etc embroidered on later…

Genome socks, Ravelry project

The pattern for these socks is actually called "Genome," given the lovely cable twining up the front. I spun the yarn, too, from some lovely wool hand dyed with organic dyes (I'll be talking a  bit more about spinning and dyeing before long!).

DNA scarf,  Ravelry project,  pattern

Finally, a slightly less stylized cable interpretation of a DNA helix, this time in scarf form. There are some really beautiful projects from this same pattern that include color-coding of base pairs.
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