21 November 2013

Knitting and Science: Animals!

Last year, I posted a picture of the giant squid I knitted for Deep Sea News. As a long-time knitter, I have lots of other projects related to science--both directly and tangentially--which I thought might be fun to showcase to a broader community. I thought I'd start with a category of projects which is both related to the squid: animal projects.

I've included a few links in the caption for each project: Ravelry is an awesome resource for fiber folks, and I've included the page on my own profile where each project is described. You can also find the Ravelry pattern page linked from there. The second link (when available) for each project is to the website where the pattern is available. Most of these patterns are freely available online.

Some of these projects aren't that unusual, as many folks like to knit animal toys and whatnot for kids:

Elephant, Ravelry project, pattern
Kitty cat,  Ravelry project, pattern 

Instead of knitting 3-D shapes, you can also make interesting animal patterns out of textured stitches, like this owl pattern made from cables:

Dolphin puppet, Ravelry project,
pattern improvised (crochet, not knitting!)

Finally, there are projects relating to animals that I've made for cosplay: the dolphin puppet was part of my costume for Pam Poovey from Archer...

Anatomical heart, 
Ravelry project
,  pattern

...and the heart was for Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones. Knitting, science, AND sci-fi/fantasy? Doesn't get much better than that!

Coming up next in this series: plants, molecules, different types of yarn, and more!

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Gray said...

may i know how you made the dolphin hand puppet? my friend is interested in making it for me but they need the crochet pattern :'')