20 June 2013

A prelude to Evolution 2013

I'm heading to Snowbird, Utah tomorrow for Evolution 2013. I've been attending these meetings for over a decade now, and always look forward to the breadth of science discussed. Here are the activities with which I'm involved this year:

  1. My talk is on Saturday, 4:15 pm in Cotton D/Snowbird Center: "Genome-wide transposable element insertion frequencies change with selection for accelerated development." It's the first time I'm not talking about plants at an Evolution meeting! I'll be talking about a pretty sweet side project (collaboration with other NESCent and UC Irvine folks) about population genomics of TEs from an experimental evolution study in Drosophila.
  2. My poster is on Sunday, number P240003: "Transposable element proliferation and genome size evolution in Asparagales." This is my main NESCent project and the subject of my recent paper from Genome.
  3. I'm co-hosting NESCent's Evolution Film Festival on Sunday night in the Ballroom. I've watched the entries and am impressed by the variety of topics and approaches.
  4. I'm participating as a mentor for the Undergraduate Diversity Program, and am looking forward to meeting with budding young scientists.
  5. I'll be hanging out at the NESCent booth at various times during the conference.
  6. Looking forward to attending iEvoBio on Tuesday and Wednesday!
Definitely a busy schedule, but that's the way I like it! In terms of continuing activities at the conference:
  1. I'll likely be knitting during talks (the hows and whys are worthy of another post altogether, but I assure you I'm still paying attention).
  2. I'll be typing furiously on my laptop and/or iPhone by tweeting (as @k8hert, using #evol2013 for the main conference and likely another for iEvoBio) and taking notes using Evernote.
  3. I'll be following my PhD advisor Chris Pires' advice for conferences: "Meet someone older than you, someone younger than you, and watch a talk that changes how you think about things."
See you at the conference!


Joseph Graves Jr said...

I just gave the Convergence talk at the NGS course at KBS. People were really impressed...they particularly liked and had interesting questions about your TGE results. Go ahead and slay them at Evolution 2013!

Kate Hertweck said...

I'll slay them with SCIENCE! Glad to hear our research continues to be well received. I'm excited to hear what others have to say.

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