27 January 2013

Welcome back to myself!

It's been longer than I intended since my last post, but research and teaching deadlines left me drained. Never fear, loyal readers...I've many things to report!

First, the retrospective pensiveness of the turnover into a new year made me realize how many steps I've taken to really act on my commitment to open science. Here's what has happened:

  1. I started posting my presentations and posters on SlideShare. I'm still blown away that people actually view and even download these!
  2. After following advice early in my graduate education to always review academic papers anonymously, I decided to start signing my reviews and offering to discuss my comments with authors.
  3. I received my first signed review for a paper from a colleague, and was gratified with how much easier it was to interpret her comments knowing her background.
  4. I attended a Software Carpentry bootcamp at University of North Carolina Chapel Hill at the end of November. I loved the pedagogical approach used for this class, and was glad to finally receive the catalyst needed to start adding my scripts to GitHub
  5. My teaching responsibilities with Duke University this semester involve teaching an intro bio course. Mohammed Noor is integrating this class with a MOOC (massive open online course) offered through Coursera. My responsibilities involve assisting during the 450 student lecture sessions (these are flipped-classroom format, where students watch recorded lectures ahead of time and participate in class with active learning) as well as teaching my own lab session. I'll be doing some lecturing later in the semester, as well as piloting a new inquiry-based phylogenetics lab I'm developing.
As you can see, exciting things abound! This doesn't even start to cover the awesome things I have going on with particular research projects, which are shaping up to be a bit mind-blowing. Hooray for science!

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