08 January 2010

Big bad blog break

The end of this last semester kicked my ass. There are a veritable cornucopia of reasons for said ass-kicking, relating to all aspects of my life: professional, academic, personal, and artistic. Thus, an unplanned blogless few months of my life continued, despite many thoughts of blogging. As I'd like to continue being Princess Tradescantia here to post my commentary and pictures, and because of reminders from some folks (hi, daddoo) that I hadn't posted in awhile, I'm taking the opportunity to update while I'm working from home and feeling up to it.

Again with a list, in no particular order:
  1. I am on a sweater knitting kick, which will certainly be dwelled upon in the near future. I have completed an additional four sweaters for myself since my last reference to a handspun, handknit FO (knit-speak for "finished object"), three of which included some of my handspun.
  2. I'm thinking a lot about other fiber arts, even those not related to yarn (gasp!). Particularly, fabric and wool related activities, like locker hooking and felting. More about this later, after I have some experiments completed (see how I call them "experiments," so I can feel like it's somehow work related?).
  3. I am slogging along doing data analysis for a project that I adopted about a year ago, but which will not seem to die. I am learning new meaning for the words patience, tedious, meticulous, re-do, collaboration, and time suck, and feeling more despondent about another vocabulary word I'm supposed to be pondering: dissertation.
  4. I maintain my sanity while working on #2 (the item listed above, not the bathroom activity...well, maybe that too) by trolling the Netflix watch instantly list and compulsively viewing almost every BBC miniseries and television series available. I'm working my way through mini-series adaptations of Jane Austen novels right now.
  5. The cats are adorable. There was a three-way kitty grooming and snuggling orgy on the sofa the other night. Our house is kept cold to encourage snuggling of furry creatures (although it might also be because we are cheap and don't want to pay to heat this huge house above 62 degrees) Here is some further proof of said cuteness.
Fatticat loves xmas, especially the tree.

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Anonymous said...

Woo, busy is so busy...cats are still cute...