06 October 2009

Love of small appliances

It might be that I'm super tired, and it might be that I'm so mentally exhausted from grading papers, but I feel compelled to write about a few little items in my kitchen that really mean a lot to me.

In our house, Bill cooks and I bake. Sometimes we switch it up a little bit, and I'll cook dinner and Bill will whip together some bread. But for the most part, cookies and cakes and fancy breads are my fault. And we spend quite a bit of time in the kitchen...sharing a share of a CSA this summer has made us be a little more inventive and efficient at cooking. Inevitably, with Bill in the kitchen, that means more mess.

Several things make my life easier when Bill's feeling inventive (case in point: Bill decided he MUST make bouillabaisse one night. I think every dish in the kitchen was used). While I was tidying up after dinner tonight I realized they were all small appliances. Again with the lists, because the auto-number columns make me feel efficient.
  1. Electric kettle. I don't have to fight Bill for a burner when I'd like a cup of tea! Amazing!
  2. Rice cooker. The appliance we didn't even know we needed till we got one as a gift. The inspiration for this blog post. Did I mention it does vegetables, too?
  3. Bread machine. The reason we're able to almost exclusively make our own bread.
These machines are smarter than I am. They do their thing and (usually) turn off. They make cooking in the summer manageable, because the oven and stove don't need to be on as much. They are more energy efficient than turning on a large appliance.

Here is a haiku about them.

cooking woes are gone
small machines so smart and clean
food heals and tea soothes

I think I need to sleep now.

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MolleesMommy said...

I have to leave a comment on this.. because i love your haiku at the end.. nerdy but i love it.

Hope your kettle continues to warm, your rice cooker continues to steam and your bread makers constantly churns out loaves with awkward holes in the end..

LOVES! Kristen