29 July 2009

Things I like right now

I'm going to take a minute and be completely self-indulgent and talk about things that just really make me happy right now.
  1. Iced tea cold brewed overnight in a mason jar. I got the idea here. And not just any tea, but fancy tea that is meant to be iced. Like strawberry osmanthus black tea. Ginger peach white tea. Pineapple green tea. I compulsively bought a sample pack of these wonderful teas at the grocery while they were on sale, and three months later (when I finally brewed some), I realized how smart three-month-ago Kate was. In fact, these teas are better dressed than me...they come in silk bags (?!?).
  2. Fruit crisps. Fruit in the bottom of the pan (I'm partial to berries and peaches from the farmer's market) with oats, flour, brown sugar, butter, etc on top (recipe originally from my dear friend Leenie [blogger profile but no blog? Here's the start of some peer pressure]). I had to stop making them because it was all I ate for days (except for the food Bill made me eat).
  3. Soakers. Wool+babies=awesome. I've knit several prototypes...I'm developing the master plan for the best fitting, easiest knit soaker (IMHO). Perhaps Katy will grace us with an action pic of a soaker on her little angel?
Self indulgence is over. 


Brittany said...

I love all these things, too! If you have any extra soakers you would like tried out, I am making a WHOLE BUNCH of cloth diapers for Trinity next week to add to the 2 that I have now. I don't have time to knit soakers, although I would love to!

johh said...

We have been doing the sun tea thing, 4 large bags, 2 cups of sugar, dump in a gallon jar (we found a relly cool one in the bar: Came from the old Indian Summer Vinegar Factory in E'ville), let sit in the sun all day. Amazing Tea! Now I want to try your idea!!!