13 April 2009


Ever since returning from my series of business trips, I've found myself repeatedly forgetting to attend appointments and meetings of various levels of import. My forgetfulness is most startling because I am generally so diligent about keep track of my schedule, but also because of the frequency with which I am forgetting things right now.

Being the problem-solving scientist I am, I find myself wondering about the causes of my forgetfulness. Am I distracted by anything? Something new in my life that requires more attention right now? Well, not really. Am I spending more time than usual doing other activities? Well, not really. I knit a lot. I read quite a bit. But not more now than usual.

The unfortunate part about my forgetfulness right now is the utterly nebulousness it possesses (I think there are too many of the letter "s" in the last phrase in that sentence). It's difficult to figure out how to fix me being a space cadet when I don't know why I am being spacey.

Here's another lovely picture of flowers emerging in from the ground, mostly because I like them so much, but also partly because flowers generally do not forget to pop up in the spring. Sometimes they're late, sometimes they're frozen out, but they always keep trying.

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Sarah said...

You are an academic. You have a lot going on in your head. Don't worry about it. As someone wise once said, this too shall past.