10 March 2009

New start part deux.

Notice the data on my last post before this...

This post is actually the third installment of birthing my blog-life. We'll see how it goes. Katy FH has a blog, though, so I guess I can try to, as well!!

I get these urges to blog while traveling...I guess it's a throwback to my high school/college days when I wrote in my journal ALL the TIME. I fell of that bandwagon when I met Bill, though, cause I like to think he takes up the slack and lets me download everything that is in my head.

The more selfish motivation for my new blog-urge involves the need for me to streamline my writing. "What?!?!" you say, "How does adding another hobby constitute streamlining work?"

Well, little pumpkin, I'll tell you why. I was sitting in a Conversations About College Science Teaching (a monthly program where science type folks talk about topics) a few months ago and the discussion was about informal writing in science classes. The rationale behind using such writing is that it promotes student thinking without the pressure of performance (although the performance part is an artificial construct anyway, because it's just a different type of performance). It's true, though...I've realized lately I've lost my writing, speaking,-- heck-- even my communication mojo. Eight+ years of speech and debate experience and I find myself unable to form coherent sentences on a regular basis. Talking to myself in my head (shut up, you do it too) and talking to Bill are different, cause I know, and Bill knows, what I'm trying to say. YOU, lovely munchkins, do not.

So this is me taking a crack at being accountable for the words I put on paper. Or screen. Or whatever you want to call this.